ABOUT Lone Stone

David Zack - Founder

Lone Stone was set up by Dave Zack in 2018. Dave has a wealth of experience in the software and technology sectors. He has worked for large Fortune 100 companies (Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, …) as well as multiple start-ups. Dave is originally from the USA but has been living in Europe since 2004.

Dave has always loved building software and systems (he began coding when he was 15) and recently decided to go ‘independent’. With Lone Stone, he wants to focus on transforming client’s software development process while helping them delivery successful programs that meet their business objectives.  Dave has vast experience in turning around projects, programs and companies. 
He has extensive international and cross functional experience in software, high tech and business operations. Dave has lived and worked in many countries and enjoys managing culturally and geographically-diverse teams.  


A former software developer, Dave’s technical background is enhanced by considerable knowledge of software management frameworks (both ‘Agile’ and ‘Traditional’) as well as business development, sales and product management experience. 

Happy to work with both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, Dave has a reputation for building motivated teams that consistently deliver technical objectives as well as financial targets. 

Contact Lone Stone and see how we can help you with your cultural transformation and technical program delivery. 


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